Fire and Desire

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Why is it that when I start something my confidence is on a 1,000 but when things start to get real it slowly starts coming down? That's the question that I been asking myself.  What's going on World Creatorz? I hope that you have been doing good, and being productive. Yes, you see the title Fire and Desire when I say that it  automatically reminds me of the classic hit song by Rick James & Tina Marie Rest In Power to these talented souls. I jotted this title down about two months ago because I knew that it was something that I wanted to touch on in the future. 

When I say fire and desire it hits home for me because that is what I felt inside of me when I started this entrepreneurial journey. First off I didn't have any experience at all, I knew that it wasn't going to be easy, and I also knew that it was going to be a process. I hit the ground running I thought everything was going to take off fast but, I began to hit some road blocks, it started to get real challenging, I wasn't making a lot of sales, then I began to feel defeated, lost, and confused.

That's when I knew it was time to seek out help from other entrepreneurs in the same space, and had the proof that the systems they put in place for themselves could work for me also. The more I learned, and implemented I saw how things started changing, but my problem was that I wasn't consistent enough and that's were a lot of us drop the ball. But I already had made my mind up that I wouldn't quit, because it's so easy to quit and I had enough of that in my life. 

I have been struggling with a lot of things lately when it comes to World Ceatorz, I'm not ashamed to hold myself accountable when I know that I can do better than I'm doing now. Don't get me wrong I have made a lot of progress from when I first  began, and I celebrate every win and learn from losses but I felt the need to step back for a couple of weeks. Stepping back meant that it was time to re-evaluate on what direction I was taking World Creatorz.

Of course I didn't step back completely, I continued to do the necessary things, like posting on social media, studying different ways to market, engaging with followers, and potential customers. I always want to make sure that my brand message is clear so that you can understand it. I had to know my brand identity, my brand mission, and make sure that I practice what I preach because I can't give out a message to my audience and I'm not taking that same approach that's why it's important to continue to tell your story and be your authentic self, and if your not people will eventually recognize it.

Another reason I felt the need to step back because I started feeling pressured. So you know how on Instagram you see all of these ads, and post about all of the entrepreneurial trainings and master classes that's being offered. That's all that I was seeing, I know Instagram goes by your algorithm because of the people you follow and engage with on social media so that's why I keep seeing the same info, but I let it overwhelm me. I get it but it had me thinking that if I wasn't doing exactly what they was saying, or if I didn't sign up for their course that I was going to be left behind. 

In some cases that could be true and maybe I was feeling that way because I knew that I could be doing more, and I had to drop all of the excuses. I really had to sit in the back seat for a minute, before I got behind the wheel again I knew I was in control but at times I didn’t believe it because I felt like I was being pulled in 8 different directions. I had to move at my own pace and take my time with different things and I was cool with that. I came to the realization that it's no need to try and keep up with anyone, because I'm my own competition and we can get in our own way at times.

It's nothing wrong with taking a step back, as long as you continue to do the work and come back with a better approach. I'm going to be honest with you lately I haven't been consistent in my business so that's something that I been working on everyday. What's helping me to stay consistent is just try to do that task right away, I tell myself that I should just get it done and that it's no need to wait. Sometimes the longer we wait, the more likely that it won’t get done. I also utilize the note app on my phone so when I'm not at home I can jot down reminders and things that I need to get done. 

What I learned about myself is that if I'm not organized then I feel like I'm all over the place. What has helped me with that is to write my task down a few days ahead that way I'm not scrambling trying to figure out what to do. To me it's all about really understanding that everything you go through is preparing you for the next step. I still have that fire and desire to continue to grow my brand because I'm not quitting, and I know that I'm not the only one going through these things. I have to just pick myself up and keep it moving, it's important to have a support system and people that can hold you accountable and that will call you out when you are not getting things done, and don't forget to remember your Why the reason why you are doing this.

I've joined several entrepreneurial Facebook groups because it's a community and a space where we can help each other out, and it also gives you a lot of insight because you are not alone in this journey. Before I end this I would like to share this quote with you, it really hit home for me. This quote is from mahdiwoodard on Instagram he is a coach that helps you grow your brand, helps you with content. He stated "Y'all gotta stop letting ya emotions affect your consistency. Feel how you need to feel but don't stop posting content".

That right there is a bar and nothing but the raw truth, and that basically sums up how I been feeling, sometimes we let let our emotions get the best of us and control us at times, but we have to get out of out feelings and just keep going. There is message and a brand that I know can help a lot of people so I got work to do, if you made it to the end I definitely appreciate you reading my blog post. If this has helped you in anyway please comment and spread the message, until next time I pray that you have peace and blessings always.

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