Changing Your Mindset

Posted by Jennifer Mccray on

When we finally take that leap to start something that we always wanted to try, we have to change our mindset. Trust me it's not easy, but it's definitely possible. I just started my new entrepreneurial journey I was scared like a lost child. My first thought was the fear of failing, I have to be honest most new adventures that I started I have never finished. So fear kept changing my mind, I finally got the nerve up to start my own clothing brand. But for me to even start it I had to change my mindset, I would tell myself everyday that I'm built for this, and how I can never give up.

I have always wanted to start my own business because it's nothing like having something that you own, especially when you build it from the ground up. Before I started my own brand I wanted to make sure that it would serve a purpose, and that it was meaningful. I didn't know what community my brand would fit in I just knew that I couldn't spend too much time thinking about it at that moment. I just didn't want to delay the process of me starting my brand, but I knew that I had to revisit it sooner or later.

A lot of time and research was involved, and even in that part of the process you have to change your mindset. It was a lot of days that I just wanted to give up but I kept encouraging myself, and my wife was definitely my number one supporter. Still in the back of my mind I would question myself, I was tired of second guessing my decision so I created a daily routine. I started my day off with prayer, I would look in the mirror and encourage myself, I would speak out loud what I wanted to accomplish. I would put on a inspirational song whether it was gospel, rap, or R&B to get my day started.

Before you know it my mindset slowly started changing, my confidence was there, when I would feel defeated I just kept repeating you can do this, you can do this. I also kept reminding myself that this road isn't easy, and to just keep working at my goals and to keep learning new things. It's still a everyday process just know that it is possible, you just have to find out what works for you and apply it. Another thing that helped me is that when I needed to get something done I wouldn't wait to do it, I would just encourage myself to do it at that moment.

Just know some people won't encourage you, some people won't understand your journey and that's ok. When that happens to me I just use the acronym QTIP, Quit Taking It Personal. I learned that in therapy and it has helped me a lot, because I'm not doing this to please anyone I'm doing it to fulfill my purpose. Other things that might help are inspirational books, inspirational quotes, or talking to someone who has your best interest. Whatever we are trying to accomplish will never come easy we just have to put the work in, be innovative, and encourage ourselves and the next person.


  • Don’t quit you won’t quit. Love you to the moon and back. My inspiration 😊. You are something great

    Veronica on

  • I’m proud of you friend. And I support everything your doing. Keep it up. Your doing great. I love the ads🔥.

    Serenia on

  • Well Done Jen, Very Good Read

    Kris on

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