Are You Prepared?

Posted by Jennifer Mccray on

 I'm excited about this day because it's another opportunity to work towards what we want to achieve. You know how you read a book for the first time, and it doesn't stick right away? Sometimes we might have to put the book down and come back to it a few days later, sometimes it might be months.

That has definitely happened to me, for example when I began to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill I didn't understand it, I knew what the book was about but I just couldn't grasp the concept. So I put the book down and I came back to it probably 3-4 months later.

But in between that time that I put the book down, I began working towards my goals as far as self-improvement, continuing to work on my mindset, building healthy habits that will help me succeed, taking various courses for my business, reading other books, having a open mind, and just putting my energy into building World Creatorz.

So months had past then one day I took a pile of papers off my desk and there was the book. From then on I would just say to myself I need to start reading that again, now this went on for maybe 2 weeks (LOL). Then finally one night I just open the book and started reading it, I ACTULLY UNDERSTOOD IT my mind was blown because of all the great information that was in it. I just kept saying how did I miss all of this? But I realized that all the necessary steps that I was taking from the time I put the book down to when I picked it back up I had unknowingly prepared myself to be able to receive everything in that book. 

So my point is sometimes in life we are not mentally prepared to receive information that will help elevate us, but when we just continue to focus on our goals, and build ourselves up then that time will come when we will receive what's meant for us.


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