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What's going on everybody? Hope your week is going good so far, and if it isn't it will get better for you. I'm excited about today because it's another opportunity for us to work towards reaching our full potential.

Speaking of that, when we are working towards achieving our goals we have to be committed. Committed to the process, committed to the goal, and making that commitment to ourselves. When I think about commitment it's basically being dedicated to what I said I was going to do, and when it gets hard still remembering why I committed.

Think about this we commit to a lot of things that's not serving a valuable purpose for what we are trying to accomplish, as individuals sometimes we know the things that distract us and other times we might not know. If you don't know try sitting down and make a list of things that you are currently putting a lot of attention to but it's really not important. Then make another list of things that you could be doing that will help you accomplish what you are working towards.

I had to do that myself and I realized what I needed to put first if I was going to be committed to the process of working towards reaching my full potential. It wasn't easy but the more I worked at it I saw improvement, and that made commit even more. Now no one is perfect because sometimes I can find myself getting distracted and I have to correct that and get back on track.

Also you can write or type up your own commitment that you would like to have, sign and date it and put it where you can see it everyday, and read it everyday as a reminder of the commitment that you made to yourself.  In closing you don't have to completely stop doing certain things that you love to do, we still need a life outside of working towards our goals. We just have to be aware of what's holding us back from the commitment that we made, remember it's a on going process.

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